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“Very pleased with my heating system and the heating engineer, Jim, was excellent”

Mr Smith, Hanham 26th August 2015

“Alex and his team fitted Honeywell Evohome controls to our heating and hot water system in summer last year. It has transformed our home! With Alex’s advice we have now isolated the living room underfloor heating pump and can heat the rest of house independently. It’s taken us a while to get used to the Honeywell app for controlling everything, but it has most definitely been worth it.”

Mrs P, Bath 1st November 2015
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New Smart Heating Controls

  • Remote control for your heating
  • Control your heating with phone or tablet
  • Only requirement is a web connection
  • More accurate heating schedules
  • Greater comfort at home
  • Improved efficiency and potential savings

The future is here. The arrival of the Smart Thermostat means that the everyday room thermostat has finally joined the Internet of Things and the growing number of household devices that can be connected to, and controlled over, the internet.

Web connectivity has its advantages. Worried you left the heating on? No problem use your smartphone and make sure it’s off. Leaving work earlier than expected? No problem set your heating to come on from your office and come back to a warm home. The only requirement is a web connection.

It’s not all about internet connectivity either. Many of today’s Smart Thermostats provide other exciting new features as well.  For example, many of them can also:

  • Learn how long your home takes to heat up and cool down;
  • Detect when your pipes are at risk of freezing and put the heating on;
  • Provide detailed reports on your heating usage.

Some can even intuitively learn your heating preferences. Scary!

New features such as these let you implement ever more accurate and personalized heating schedules. These give you greater control of your home environment and help you to heat your home as efficiently as possible.  Important given today’s rising energy prices.

Smart thermostats injecting high tech into our homes today include Netatmo, Honeywell’s Evohome, Worcester Bosch’s Wave  and Google backed Nest. They’re inexpensive, work with nearly all boilers and are easily installed in a couple of hours.

At Gregor we can advise on and install all the latest Smart Thermostats. If you’d like to find out more about how a Smart Thermostat can help you boost your comfort at home and to save on your energy bills call us on 0117 935 2400 for a free chat or contact us.

“Very pleased with my heating system and the heating engineer, Jim, was excellent”

Mr Smith, Hanham 26th August 2015