NIC EIC Approved contractor

“I have been impressed by your appointment keeping and the speed of your work. This was perhaps not a straightforward installation and it was done speedily and efficiently. Thank you for the attention you took”

Mr Rudge, Bristol 21st March 2016

“Gregor is a trustworthy, competent and professional contractor with realistic and competitive pricing and friendly helpful staff. All operatives and staff are available at short notice for consultation.”

Solon Housing Association
information on government grants

Government Grants

A number of Government schemes offer financial incentives to encourage the uptake of renewable heat and electricity generating technologies and the making of energy-efficiency improvements. Incentives include grants as well help with raising finance to meet the up-front costs of improvements.

The financial incentives on offer can be extremely attractive.

Some of the key schemes are listed above. The table below identifies their relevance depending on the technology you are thinking of installing. You can find out more about each scheme by clicking on the links provided. Having done this, if you’d like to find out more why not give us a call on 0117 935 2400.

   FIT  DRHI  Green Deal ECO
Condensing boilers      Yes  Yes
Ground Heat Pump    Yes  Yes  Yes
Air-to-Water Heat Pump    Yes  Yes  Yes
Air-to-Air Heat Pump      Yes  Yes
Solar Photovoltaic Panels  Yes    Yes  Yes
Solar Thermal    Yes  Yes  Yes